MAKEiT Face Shield


MAKEiT Face shield is sturdy and lightweight. Besides ear to ear coverage, it also provides the full coverage of your forehead. The closed top headpiece design is based on the guideline of OSCMS medical supply and the numerous iterations. It fully covers the top area of the face shield, giving the much needed protection, unlike other 3d printed headbands found on the internet. Most of these devices have open tops, exposing some portion of forehead, leaving it unprotected. MAKEiT 3D printed headpiece is well designed, comfortable to wear.  

A thick clear PETG sheet is used for durable coverage.  Any user can simply snap the clear face shield onto the headpiece. The shield is double secured by snap-on mounting and a 1/8″ thick UV-resistant elastic cord. The 4 pegs on the headpiece keeps the shield down. And the elastic cord not only holds the headpiece and shield together tightly, but also helps the user to fit the face shield to individual head size. (This cord stretches up to 1.5 times its length.)

MAKEiT face shield product comes in 3 pieces: a headpiece, a PETG sheet and 13’ long elastic cord. It can be easily assembled in minutes following the Assembly Instruction.

We can send your donated face shield to the designated health worker or organization on your behalf. Please specify the receiver’s contact information at the “shipping address” area after you place the order. Thank you for your support! 

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