Build Plates


Extremely durable for long service life; resurface with sandpaper if damaged

Good performance with most common printing materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, Nylon, and more

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Removable build plates for MAKEiT 3D printers. Build plates are assembled with phenolic resin build surface, a tough fiber-impregnated resin that provides excellent performance across a wide range of materials and long-lasting durability.

PC-ABS / Polymaker PC Max
Wood- and metal-fill materials

Nylon (various)
Taulman 910
Taulman T-Glase
Polymaker CoPA

NylonX / CFR Nylon
Conductive ABS
Conductive PLA

Build plates are slightly flexible to aid in part removal, but will bend if over-flexed. Be careful and apply only a moderate amount of force to bend the plates.

Using a part removal tool, instead of pulling parts straight off by hand, will increase the longevity of the build plate

Never use any adhesive on the phenolic resin print surface EXCEPT for the same type water-based washable glue stick as provided with your MAKEiT printer

Put a thin coating of glue over the printing area immediately before starting the print

When the print surface accumulates an uneven coating of glue it’s time to be cleaned

Hand wash the build plate with water and dish soap, rinse, then wipe down with rubbing alcohol

NEVER use chemical solvents to clean the resin surface; also do not clean in dishwasher

If the print surface becomes damaged, lightly sand with 200 grit sandpaper and a sanding block. Even if a small area is damaged, it’s best to sand the entire plate evenly to avoid creating low spots.

Calibration for X, Y, and nozzle height can be performed with or without the build plate on the print bed according to user preference.

If the corners of the build plate are uneven for any reason, such as accumulation of glue or taking damage through handling or misuse, it may cause inaccuracies in calibration. In such a case, calibrate the printer without the build plate in place and/or repair the build plate.

When calibrating nozzle height with build plate on the bed, the build plate must be totally clean and free of accumulated glue or printing materials. If you do not wish to clean the build plate, remove it and run nozzle height calibration on the bare aluminum hot bed.

Build plates are available without any pre-installed printing surface. Use these plates to install your own preferred printing surface, including PEI/Ultem, Kapton/polyimide tape, blue tape, “ABS juice”, BuildTak, and more.

For advanced users; MAKEiT cannot guarantee the performance of any 3rd party print surface.