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3D Manufacturing Applications

Print Farm Applications

Start a print farm business and 3D hub for external customers or to serve internal stakeholders.

Volume Manufacturing

Produce 3D printed parts at volumes up to thousands of units per year and maintain cost competitiveness with traditional injection molding.

Agile Manufacturing

Remain agile and responsive to the market. Change your product offering to match changes in customer demand or iterate better products. No need to made new expensive molds and tooling to change your product.


  • 9 MAKEiT PRO Printers
  • Wifi/Ethernet Networking Solution
  • 3 Month Subscription to Printelize 3D Printing Order Management System
  • 1 License Simplify 3D
  • 3 Months MAKEiT Factory Support


  • Manufacturing Supply package:
    • 4 Dual Extrusion print heads
    • 9 Replacement “Ultralex” build sheets (For versatile adhesion)
    • 2 Garolite Build Plates (Perfect for Nylon)
    • 2 PEI Build Plates (For a Glassy Finish)
    • 5 Extra Ultralex Build Plates
  • Custom Built Enclosure
  • Custom Paint to match company colors and logo