On line support: Trouble shooting and printing tips will soon be available online via a series of short video clips at MAKEiT user group is another helpful place to find support.
By phone: 626 470 7938 Email:


MAKEiT, Inc. will keep users notified and updated once new firmware release is available. To update we can follow these steps listed below:

Step 1:   Download firmware to known location into your PC.

Step 2:   Turn power off from the printer.

Step 3:   Start Cura and go to “Machine” menu and select “Install custom firmware…”. (Ignore warnings)

Step4:   Keep printer power switch in off position (down) manually approximately 10 seconds and after that switch printer on.

Step 5:   Select downloaded firmware (MAKEiTPro.hex).

Step 6:   Cura starts to send code automatically to the printer and indicates when it’s ready.

After firmware update, it is good to save new settings in the printer’s menu: Select MAINTENANCE then select SAVE SETTINGS and press the control dial to store settings.