MAKEiT printers are officially compatible with Simplify3D and MatterControl, and are un-officially tested for compatibility with Cura 4.0+. For information about compatibility with RaspberryPi, OctoPrint, or other hardware/software control systems for 3D printing, please contact us directly.

We provide presets for a number of materials at various resolutions however these settings are intended to be a good starting point for your own testing. Every part is different and might require tuning of the settings through experimentation or communication with our support team. If at any time you are not satisfied with the quality of the slices your software is producing, or can’t determine if a problem is hardware or settings based, please contact us immediately.


MatterControl is a highly-capable software to start setting up your 3D prints. MatterControl provides a fast startup process and benefits for multi-user environments, including cloud control capability and pre-programmed default settings for MAKEiT printers. More information and file downloads are available at:


Simplify3D is a professional file setup software with benefits to workflow and part optimization. Simplify3D requires the purchase of a license to use. Download our latest Simplify3D profiles from our website at


Cura is another free slicing software and a common alternative to MatterControl. MAKEiT printers are tested for compatibility with Cura, however we do not have official compatibility at this time so some manual installation tasks are necessary. Please note that MAKEiT printers are tested as fully compatible only for Cura versions 15.04.6 and older. We are currently in Open Beta testing of our Cura 4.0+ software compatibility, Cura 2.0+ beta compatibility files are available in our downloads section.

First download the Cura installation files from the official Cura website. Then download our Cura configuration and material files from our website at Installation instructions are included in the .zip folder from our downloads page.