IMPORTANT NOTE: The packaging for your MAKEiT printer is an important part of our warranty service. Please retain all packing materials for your MAKEiT printer in the event it must be shipped for relocation or servicing. Shipping your MAKEiT printer with non-standard packaging materials or in a method not in accordance to our shipping guidelines may be liable to void portions or all of your factory warranty. If you are unable to retain the original packaging materials and must ship your printer please contact us in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

For a full video description of the unboxing and setup process, please see our Unboxing and Setup video from our YouTube channel.


For first time setup of your MAKEiT printer, please follow this simple guide or view our unboxing and startup process video here.

  1. Place your MAKEiT printer on a sturdy, smooth surface. Ensure that there is no soft material, fabric, upholstery, or papers beneath the printer (this may block the chassis cooling fan and cause overheating).
  2. Check to see if the nuts on the Z-axis threaded rods are properly seated into the pockets on the X-bar: On each vertical or “Z-Axis” threaded rod there is a hidden nut located inside X-bar.  The two nuts inside both left and right side of X-bar enable the X-bar to move up or down as the threaded rods rotate. The nuts should be completely seated inside each end-cap piece, and not visible under normal conditions. If the X-bar is not seated correctly, follow Chapter 7 troubleshooting to manually return these nuts back to the proper location.
  3. Attach the print head module into place on the X-bar.
  4. Insert the free end of each filament guide tube into the corresponding connector on the X-bar. Nozzle 1’s (located on left of print head) guide tube must cross to the other side of the printer and insert into Feeder 1’s connector (located on right side of printer), and the opposite for Nozzle/Feeder 2.
  5. Plug the power cable into the power supply located on the back of the printer. Plug the power cable into a standard 120 V wall outlet. Switch on the main power switch, located on the power supply on the back of the printer nearby the power cable socket.
  6. Turn the printer on by pressing upward on the ON-OFF switch, located on the front of the printer. The menu backlight, print head lights, and chassis fan should turn on, followed shortly by motion of the print head. After 2-5 seconds the menu display should read out the main info screen.
  7. Please move on to follow the procedures for Calibration, loading Filament, and starting basic Prints.