What happens if my computer goes to sleep in the middle of a print?

This only matters is we are printing via USB. Especially when we have a large model and long time to complete, if computer goes to sleep mode,this will ruin our print. To avoid this problem,  we need to disable “sleep” in control panel before we start printing. We frequently choose to use SD card printing to avoid this, and to increase reliability by cutting out the possibility of other USB communication interruptions such as software or driver errors.

What is the filament diameter for the MAKEiT Printer?

All MAKEiT printers use 1.75 mm diameter material, with a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm.

Why won’t my printer link with Cura?

We need to reset the link by following the steps here:

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable
  2. Select “Machine setting” in Cura
  3. At “Communication setting” select the serial port number given by our computer: such as “COM14”. Baudrate “250000”.  Sometimes “AUTO” setting does not find the correct port and baudrate for the printer.

How far does the guiding tube need to be inserted into the extruder module?

When inserting the filament guide tube into the quick release connector on top of the extruder module, make sure the tube is fully inserted and pressing flush against the top of the print nozzle inside the extruder module. This distance is approximately  45mm (1.75”). If not fully inserted there will remain a gap inside the heater core which will cause filament extrusion problems, such as inaccurate extrusion, no extrusion, false impression of nozzle clogging, etc.

How can I prevent cracking and/or de-lamination between layers?

  1. Increase nozzle temps by 5 °C increments
  2. If it’s a large part, increase speed, increase layer height
  3. Increase wall thickness, increase infill amount, and/or flow rate.
  4. Large parts built by ABS tend to crack or warp. In our practice we have built large parts with PC-ABS (Poly-Carbonate) and HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene).