MAKEiT Factory Support

Remote training and other professional services to get more from your additive manufacturing.

Is it for me?

Factory Support is for businesses, groups, or organizations that are looking to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing within their work space. When you’re concerned for the bottom line, Factory Support helps turn 3D printing into an investment not a cost.

What’s included?

Remote Personalized Training

No experience? No problem! Our remote file setups include an in-depth description of all settings chosen and any other considerations for your part, clearly written with annotated screenshots for reference, delivered straight to your inbox. Build your very own personalized library of lessons over time, reference them later or share them with the office.

Design-For-Print Consultation

Our experts can evaluate your parts and make design suggestions for better print reliability, visual quality, part strength, and any other print-ability concern you may have.

Print File and Material Optimization

Need help optimizing a print batch for production? Need a customized profile or gcode script for a unique project? Want us to test a new material and develop settings for you? Send us your toughest print files and we’ll get back to you with files that exceed your expectations. Factory Support includes validation of complex prints, customization of software profiles, custom gcode scripting, and preparation of print files.

Overflow Manufacturing Services

Need to print 100 parts by the end of the week? MAKEiT offers ultra low rates on print service for Factory Support subscribers. Subscribers also receive warranty downtime coverage; if your printer ever goes down we will cover any lost print time with our in-house service and send you the printed parts until your printer is back online.


All information exchanged can be covered under a non-disclosure agreement, providing peace of mind on your most sensitive development projects.

How does it work?

Factory Support is available to all MAKEiT owners and owning organizations. All MAKEiT “Production Pack” printer packages include 3 months total of Factory Support subscription. For existing owners who would like to add Factory Support or for new customers who wish to extend their subscription, Factory Support is available by monthly ($500/mo.), 6-month ($450/mo.), and 1-year ($400/mo.) subscriptions. If you are an existing MAKEiT owner and would like to enroll in Factory Support please contact us directly to get started.