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MAKEiT at the Space Tech Expo in Pasadena, CA

Last week we had a blast attending the Space Tech Expo in beautiful downtown Pasadena. It was excellent to meet so many knowledgeable industry professionals, to share our products, and to learn more about other cutting edge technologies.

The MAKEiT Pro-M on display. Image credit Space Tech Expo USA 2017.


Austin Baker explains the process of going from 3D printed prototype to a cast aluminum part. Image credit Space Tech Expo USA 2017.


Russell Singer demonstrates the unique features and capabilities of MAKEiT printers to a professional audience. Image credit Space Tech Expo USA 2017.

A big thank you from the MAKEiT team to everyone who took the time to stop by our booth at the event. We hope to see you again soon!

Misumi Design Spotlight on MAKEiT, Inc.

MISUMI is a all types of industrial hardware, and in the 3D printing world is widely considered to have the best bearings and bearing shafts available. These high quality components have been an ingredient to MAKEiT’s precision for over two years. The good folks at MISUMI recently got in touch with us, wanting to know more about our story, philosophy, and how we make use of their great products. Check out the full article on Misumi’s website here.

For our next series of posts, we will be spotlighting MAKEiT Inc., a 3D printing company.  3D printing is a rapidly growing industry so it was only natural to dive into the design of them.  In each of these posts, we will cover the history, designs, designing with MISUMI parts, advantages, and even the future of 3D printing.  Subscribe to stay up to date weekly!

Q1: Tell me about the history of MAKEiT, Inc.

MAKEiT, Inc. started in a garage in Pasadena, California. From the beginning, we’ve focused on making 3D printers suited for the demanding applications of manufacturing and precision engineering. With so many exceptional institutions in our local area, we had no trouble finding experienced and demanding early adopters to aid our development. Our earliest testing partners became our first customers, and in 2014 our earliest machines found permanent homes at California Institute of Technology and Art Center College of Design. Today we have multiple product offerings and a unique market niche, serving some of the most well-known names across various segments including Lockheed Martin, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MIT, Boston Scientific, Kia Motor Company, etc.

Read the full story here.

3D Printing for Injection Molding with Bruce Dominguez


The most exciting thing about working in 3D printing is seeing the range of applications people use it for. This week we got a chance to visit our friend Bruce Dominguez at Supplyframe Design Lab in Pasadena, where he’s finishing up his term as Artist in Residence. Bruce’s project “Call to Adventure” is a new look at an old toy, green army soldier figurines, using 3D printing and other modern tooling methods to re-imagine the classic toy. Click read more below to see more of Bruce’s process! Continue reading

3D Printed Shift Knob for Mini Cooper

The First Layer: 3D Printed Shift Knob with Encapsulated Hardware

Hello readers and MAKEiT owners,  and welcome to to the first installment of The First Layer, MAKEiT’s blog section devoted to advanced printing and design-for-print techniques. From the desk of our design director Russell Singer, The First Layer will be your new source for tips and techniques to take your 3D printing ability further.

In today’s post I’m revisiting a project I completed a few weeks back: creating a realistic wood finish for the manual transmission shift knob of my Mini Cooper. Because the shift knob is a regular point of tactile interaction it was important to achieve not only a high quality finish that would appear as wood, but also a comfortable form with enjoyable tactile feedback and functional usability. In this first post I’ll focus on the CAD considerations and the printing process, follow along on the second post for the full finishing technique to achieve the beautiful effect shown below.

3D Printed Shift Knob for Mini Cooper

Aside from preferences on shift knob weight and profile, the only real functional consideration is getting a snug secure fit on the shifter shaft. After one attempt with a simpler friction-fit design, I found the hot daytime temperatures in Southern California would cause enough size distortion to loosen the knob even though it might be very stuck in place in cooler temperatures. I revised the design to work with set screws and some hex nuts that are enclosed into the print, as shown below:


Continue reading

Announcing the Makeit PRO-L

Introducing the MAKEiT PRO-L

For over two years Makeit has been building machines and testing them in the hardest environments we can find, proving that durable industrial build quality and reliable ease-of-use can exist together in the desktop printing market. Now, after many, many upgrades and revisions we are ultimately proud to announce the all-new PRO-L.

The PRO-L represents our most complete vision yet of what a true industrial desktop 3D printer is. Continuing with the same great features offered in the original PRO like dual-extrusion, removable build plates, and on-the-fly tuning, the PRO-L introduces multitudes of functional and material enhancements. On top of faster printing, higher precision, enhanced durability, and a generous 10″ x 12″ x 13″ build volume, the PRO-L displays a beautiful aluminum finish and updated graphic scheme, making it equally at home in a design studio or a manufacturing plant.

PRO-L test units are out across the country in the hands of trusted associates and product testers, and the first production units will be rolling out the door to their customers in less than two weeks. Stay tuned here for more information and full spec list for the PRO-L, or contact us here for preorder information.

Click here for full specifications and photo gallery for the PRO-L 3D printer