Misumi Design Spotlight on MAKEiT, Inc.

MISUMI is a all types of industrial hardware, and in the 3D printing world is widely considered to have the best bearings and bearing shafts available. These high quality components have been an ingredient to MAKEiT’s precision for over two years. The good folks at MISUMI recently got in touch with us, wanting to know more about our story, philosophy, and how we make use of their great products. Check out the full article on Misumi’s website here.

For our next series of posts, we will be spotlighting MAKEiT Inc., a 3D printing company.  3D printing is a rapidly growing industry so it was only natural to dive into the design of them.  In each of these posts, we will cover the history, designs, designing with MISUMI parts, advantages, and even the future of 3D printing.  Subscribe to stay up to date weekly!

Q1: Tell me about the history of MAKEiT, Inc.

MAKEiT, Inc. started in a garage in Pasadena, California. From the beginning, we’ve focused on making 3D printers suited for the demanding applications of manufacturing and precision engineering. With so many exceptional institutions in our local area, we had no trouble finding experienced and demanding early adopters to aid our development. Our earliest testing partners became our first customers, and in 2014 our earliest machines found permanent homes at California Institute of Technology and Art Center College of Design. Today we have multiple product offerings and a unique market niche, serving some of the most well-known names across various segments including Lockheed Martin, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MIT, Boston Scientific, Kia Motor Company, etc.

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