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Fabbaloo on the MAKEiT Pro-L Launch

Fabbaloo is a web magazine and blog focused on the news and developments in desktop and industrial 3D printing. We first ran into them when displaying our original MAKEiT Pro model printers at an expo almost two years ago. Since then we’ve been watching their pages diligently, and recently they picked up on the launch of our new Pro-L 3D printer. Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

When I first encountered MAKEiT, I wasn’t sure what to make of their machine until I looked very closely. While the machine appeared to be yet another basic 3D printer, this one included a number of features that transform what might otherwise be a basic 3D printer into a true industrial production machine.

Now they’ve released the Pro-L, an improved version of the original machine. And the changes are more than just a rather shiny exterior, which actually looks pretty good.

The new machine still includes the capability of producing multiple copies of an object during the same print run, sometimes able to double print speeds by doing so. Among the other new features are:

  • New control board
  • More expansion capability
  • Dual-phase bed heater
  • Redesigned print head with dual-fan cooling system

You can see the rest of Fabbaloo’s coverage here.

Aaron Hamby from CM3D – MAKEiT Printers for Professional Services

Aaron Hamby is the founder of Creative Manufacturing, a California based manufacturing services firm. Aaron made 3D printing a part of his business model a few years ago, in addition to other more traditional manufacturing services. Today it has grown into a core money-earner for CM3D, and that’s due in part to utilizing MAKEiT’s 3D printers excellently suited for manufacturing. Hear what Aaron has to say in his honest opinion about how MAKEiT works for his business and why our printers are so effective for his needs.


High resolution 3D printed replacement parts

The First Layer: Turntable Pt. 1, Modeling for Threads

An old record turntable in need of some loveRecently a friend sent this lovely turntable across my desk looking for a bit of TLC. Yes, it is a little worse for wear, but except a couple missing parts it all still works. One of those missing parts is an adjustable foot for leveling the table, while the three remaining feet had all been damaged and were beginning to fall apart; look closely at the foot that’s removed in the above photo and you can find an epoxy seam where it was repaired once before. Below you can see my final part with steel bolt for threading next to the fully 3D printed prototype:

High resolution 3D printed replacement parts

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24 3D printed parts together on one bed

The First Layer: Batch Printing Basics


One of the absolute best features of MAKEiT printers is the ability to produce volumes of parts quickly through batch duplication. When combined with a proper batch setup, duplication printing is a powerful way to significantly reduce your production time. Like many other things in life it’s best to start simple and build to complexity, so I’ll first go over how to get started with simple duplication and move into more advanced setup for large batches after. The example part I’m using is a cable guide intended to work with the wall mount standards we use to hang the printers.

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Makeit Pro-L 3D printer

MAKEiT Pro-L: The Printed Parts


The all-new MAKEiT Pro-L is here. The Pro-L incorporates multitudes of improvements beyond the original MAKEiT Pro, and represents what we believe to be the first desktop-format 3D printer purely focused and suited to the demands of manufacturing and professional services. On the surface the stunning new finish and design theme are immediately apparent, but the changes continue beneath with a completely new control board, more expansion capability, dual-phase bed heater, redesigned print head with dual-fan cooling system, and many other component and material improvements.

Behind our claim of manufacturing-ready capability is the truth of our own manufacturing. While many printer companies make components for their own machines, most wouldn’t dare to post photos so close up as these. The unique capability of a MAKEiT printer is made apparent when you examine the function and quality behind the printed parts on the new Pro-L.

Makeit Pro L 3D printer print head

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