Old-Model Printer “UpFurbishing”


Bring your old-model MAKEiT printer up to better-than-new condition with MAKEiT UpFurbishing. Qualify your out-of-warranty printer for purchase of extended warranty. Upgrade older models with components from current generation for improved print quality and reliability.

Send your printer to the MAKEiT facility for UpFurbishing by our trained factory experts.

Include Shipping Packaging

Factory-approved safe shipping materials to protect your printer in transit.



Is your MAKEiT printer out of warranty? Do you need something fixed or want it refurbished to like-new condition? Want to upgrade your 1st or 2nd generation MAKEiT printer with new and improved components from the current generation 3.5 models?

Fall in love with your MAKEiT 3D printer all over again after our experts work their magic. MAKEiT printers are highly modular and many upgrades from the current generation 3.5 are backwards compatible.

What’s possible with MAKEiT printer UpFurbishing?

  • Improve the print quality of your 1st or 2nd generation printer with new precision bearings and bearing surfaces from MISUMI
  • Improve material handling with updated designs for extruder drive
  • Improve Z-axis offset calibration reliability with updated design for print head carriage
  • Price reduction on new dual-fan print heads when compared to purchasing them separately
  • Upgrade to a taller Z-axis print height of 13″ (or more!)
  • Add-on modifications including networking, remote control, 2-into-1 Y-splitter for more precision 2-material combination
  • Approval to purchase extended warranty for printers that are already beyond original warranty period
  • Made-to-order, one-of-a-kind machine customizations, and more! Contact us to see what’s possible for your printer!

What’s included in the $500 base cost?

  • A full inspection and diagnosis of everything that can be fixed, updated, upgraded, tweaked, or improved
  • Replacement of all wearable components (print surface sheet, filament tubes, axis belts, etc.)
  • Cleaning and servicing of all durable components (extruder drive gears, bearing surfaces, print head, etc.)
  • Firmware updating
  • One-way return shipping of the printer to you once the service is complete
  • Round-trip pickup and delivery for customers within 60 miles of our Los Angeles local service area
  • All labor costs involved with any servicing or upgrading of components

What’s not included in the $500 base cost?

  • Hardware upgrades are offered a la carte, contact us for pricing information
  • Non-wearable replacement parts, contact us for pricing information
  • Cost of shipping the printer to our facility
  • Cost of warranty-safe packaging materials if you no longer have the original printer packaging