Download the latest firmware versions for your MAKEiT 3D printer here. Pro-M firmware is backwards compatible with all older MAKEiT Pro 3D printers. Please follow this link for video instruction on the update, or check the downloaded .zip file for written instructions.

Current firmware version is 2.20, dated 4/11/17.

Updates in v2.20:

  • Fixed bug causing fans to turn off, leading to heat creep in extruder.
  • Fixed bug causing switch nozzle command to fail.
  • Fixed bug causing printer to not reheat if previous print was cancelled before auto-home.
  • Fixed typo in submenu for nozzle temperatures.
  • Added check to prevent starting a print without auto-homing first.


To get the best quality and highest level of control from your prints, we recommend using Simplify3D. Our Simplify3D profiles are a work in progress, if you have feedback or questions about using the MAKEiT Pro with Simplify3D please contact us at

For Simplify3D users, download and import the new .fff profile here.

MAKEiT is in the process of overhauling our Simplify3D .fff process settings. The newest settings available for “Basic Materials” include ABS, PLA, and PETG settings with improvements to quality, reliability, and ease of setup:

We provide our older “legacy” profiles for compatibility with Simplify3D. The profile below includes settings for basic materials as well as specialty fill-type, flexible materials, and soluble support settings.


MatterControl is a free and capable software to start setting up your 3D prints. MatterControl includes presets for MAKEiT printers and is available for download below.


Cura configuration files are available for download here. Included in these .zip files are machine configuration files, which must be added to your Cura installation folder, and material settings profiles which can be referenced as needed.

Settings for Cura versions 2+ are considered beta at this time, but files are provided here if you are interested in testing. Please notify us of your experience as we finalize settings for future compatibility.