Download the latest firmware versions for your MAKEiT 3D printer here. Zip file contains firmwares for all current MAKEiT Pro printers, M, MX, and L. Pro-M firmware is backwards compatible with all older MAKEiT Pro 3D printers. Please follow this link for video instruction on the update.

Current firmware version is 2.28, dated 12/6/18.

Updates in v2.28:

  • Enabled g-code command for “wait to cool”, allows use of “R” with M190 and M140  commands to set waiting for temperatures to drop to specified level, i.e. “M190 R50” sets bed temperature to cool to 50 and wait until temperature is reached before moving on to next command.


Simplify3D provides the highest level of integration and control for MAKEiT printers. We are constantly testing and updating our material and settings profiles, check back often for improvements and new materials!

Current Version dated 4/10/2018

Preset Material Settings:

  • PLA (Generic)
  • PLA + PVA Support (Generic)
  • ABS (Generic)
  • PETG (Generic)
  • MatterHackers Pro TPU
  • NinjaTek Ninjaflex
  • Filamentum FlexFill 98A
  • Filamentum FlexFill 92A
  • MatterHackers Pro PLA
  • MatterHackers PLA
  • Refil PET 90% Recycled
  • Polymaker PC Max
  • Hatchbox Wood
  • Colorfabb Corkfill
  • Proto Pasta Stainless Steel PLA
  • MatterHackers NylonX
  • HIPS (Generic)
  • ASA (Generic)


  1. Download the file containing MAKEiT’s Simplify3D profiles
  2. Extract the files from to a convenient location on your computer
  3. Open Simplify3D
  4. Click on the File dropdown menu and select “Import .FFF Profile”
  5. Choose the profile that matches your MAKEiT Pro printer, M, MX, or L
  6. Add a new process to Simplify3D’s Processes menu, double click on the process to open settings
  7. Your new imported profiles will be available for selection from the top of the Process Settings window


MatterControl is a free and capable software to start setting up your 3D prints. MatterControl includes presets for MAKEiT printers and is available for download below.


Cura configuration files are available for download here. Included in these .zip files are machine configuration files, which must be added to your Cura installation folder, and material settings profiles which can be referenced as needed.

Please notify us of your experience as we finalize settings for future compatibility.